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For me, Netflix, Amazon, and Dish Prime Time have become my salvation from cable television’s seemingly endless shopping channels, sports, reality shows, etc. Have a 250-channel subscription and what do you get? Nothing new or exciting. I’m happy for little people and Atlanta’s housewife starlettes, but rarely drawn to their day-to-day dramas. I look to my own life for that sort of entertainment.

I’m new to the “binge” watching craze, but am finding it a welcome respite from commercial laden sitcoms and Fox News. Although I still love Modern Family, Blackish, and The Goldbergs.

I first became addicted in 2016 when my husband was out-of-state recovering from a major surgery. Initially intrigued and then fully surrendering to the binge-side, I found the stories to be unique, well written and well acted. And the freedom from frequent commercial interruptions at the climax of the show was an added plus. I mean, if I want a popcorn or ice cream, there’s the handy pause button.

I started with The Walking Dead. Haven’t finished that one, because I was afraid more of my favorite characters will succumb to voracious zombies.

Then a friend recommended Grace and Frankie. I fell in love with Jane Fonda’s and Lilly Tomlin’s characters: funny, touching, eclectic and bright. I was hooked.

Breaking Bad and Mozart in the Jungle are on my must watch list.

Better Call Saul
is my new favorite.

I recently learned this is the story of attorney Jimmy McGill, before the Saul Goodman days, and his evolution into becoming the infamous attorney on Breaking Bad.


What shows do you enjoy binge watching?
I’d love to know your recommendations?