At Mimi's Table

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Grandma’s Raisin Bread (Chalka)

at mimi's table chalka grandma's raisin bread My Polish grandmother made this traditional bread throughout the year.   We lived directly across an alley from her house, so Grandma was always bringing over freshly baked goodies.  Chalka was one of our very favorites.  It's fabulous ...

Honey Half Whole Wheat Rolls

grannie geek: honey half whole wheat rollsIt's that time of year and everyone is making a variety of warm and hearty soups perfect for the change of seasons.  I love the fall.  Cooler weather is a welcome change from summer's seemingly relentless heat!  Whether you're retrieving the crock ...

Perfect Sweet Potato Biscuits

grannie geek perfect sweet potato bisciuts

Perfect Sweet Potato Biscuits

My mother was a clever cook.  Before it was chic to disguise vegetables into ordinary foodstuffs for young picky eaters, Mom used a variety of techniques to surreptitiously keep us climbing the food pyramid.  Equipped with her ...

At Mimi's Tablelessons from an older and wiser girl