I Love Your Blog!

September 2017

Welcome to Mimi’s Table! Come, Meet My Online Friends!

Gifted and Talented Friends are to be found everywhere!

I’m awed by the talent, inspiration, resourcefulness, and stamina of bloggers. “At Mimi’s Table” (formerly Grannie Geek) was created in 2005 and evolved through my love of computers and the ease of communication the Internet provides. I’m still impressed by how everyone keeps up. Successful blogging is no casual adventure.

In this feature, “I Love Your Blog!” I’ll introduce you to people I’ve followed and loved over the years. They help to enrich our lives in so many ways. I do not presume to even approach the tip of the iceberg of those talented and gifted bloggers around the Web. My  hope is that my readers will find inspiration and encouragement through the words, pictures, and thoughts of others on a variety of subjects.

You’re encouraged to share with me and my readers your special favorites in the comment form below. Be sure to include what draws you there, to a particular idea, recipe, tip, conversation, whatever. I can’t wait to read about your special online friends and mentors and to introduce them to others.

Patti's Mexican Table
Half Baked Harvest
at mimi's table why i love your blog mel gunnel
Mel's Kitchen Cafe

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