At Mimi's Table

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Shrimp Tacos

at mimi's table mexican shrimp tacos Simply put: This is one of the most delicious taco recipes ever! Jessica and I made this for "Cinco de Mayo." Marinated and grilled shrimp offers up the perfect shrimpy bite. And I mean PERFECT! These shrimp tacos are an amazing combination ...

Huevos Rancheros Two Ways

Everything I know about Mexican cooking, I learned from my ex-mother-in-law:  homemade flour tortillas, salsa, Mexican rice, enchiladas, tostadas, guacamole – a real fiesta! She was a patient teacher, and I was a willing student.

Grandma’s Raisin Bread (Chalka)

at mimi's table chalka grandma's raisin bread My Polish grandmother made this traditional bread throughout the year.   We lived directly across an alley from her house, so Grandma was always bringing over freshly baked goodies.  Chalka was one of our very favorites.  It's fabulous warm out of the ...

Ben’s Fresh & Hot Salsa

grannie geek ben's fresh & hot salsa

Ben's Fresh & Hot Salsa

My family loves salsa.  If we're eating Mexican food, eggs, or just eating chips and salsa, we enjoy each fiery, garlicky bite.  My first experience many years ago ...

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