At Mimi's Table

. . . lessons from an older and wiser girl

Creamy Crunchy Bacon Pea Salad

This is one delicious salad. My Grandma Smith was fond of these kinds of salads like carrot salad, roasted beet salad, and sauerkraut salad. These are folksy homey old-timey country salads with bright colors and flavors. They're easy-peasy to put together. And they'll go with almost anything like ...

Mrs. Swedo’s Potato Casserole

grannie geek, side dishes, potato casserole A dear friend in the old homestead neighborhood where we grew up in Indiana made this delicious potato casserole for a family get together many years ago.  Everyone loved it and asked for the recipe, which Mrs. Swedo generously supplied.  When I decided ...

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