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Jessica Apron Two

simplicity pattern jessica apron two

Jessica Apron Two Fabric

I’m getting ready for a trip to Indianapolis in a couple of weeks.  At Christmas, I bought my daughter, Jessica, two apron patterns, and we went out shopping for fabric.  My sister found the appliance fabric, which is so adorable.  Just perfect for this project.  Here’s the pattern and fabric for the second apron.  Needless to say, I’m a little behind schedule.  I have all the pieces cut out.  I’m crazy about the fabrics for this apron.  It should go much quicker this time, because there’s no bib.


Jessica’s Apron One is DONE!

I can’t believe it! I finished Jessica’s first apron today!  It took me about three hours this morning, but so worth the effort.  If I’d put my mind to it, I could have finished this in two days, tops.  This is an easy pattern anyone could put together in no time at all.  And the apron is nicely constructed.  There’s a lining for the bodice and waistband.  The waistband ties are long and wide. I strayed from the pattern instructions just a bit and lined the pockets.


The first thing I did was stitch the pockets to the front and then sewed the waistband and ties.


Then, I attached the bodice to the waistband, and voila!  It was finished.  Well, I still have to whipstitch the waistband lining, but that won’t take long.

I really like the fabric not only because of the color combinations but because of the quality.  We chose quilting fabric from JoAnn’s.  I washed and ironed the fabric before I started cutting out pattern pieces – a lesson I learned when I took quilting classes.  I was afraid the fabric would become limp and lose its body, but the weight and feel pretty much stayed the same, especially after it was ironed.

I’m off to Pennsylvania Thursday, so I’ll take a project rest for a couple of weeks.  I’m sure my sister and I will come up with several ideas.  After all, we’ll be in Pennsylvania Dutch country, quilting capital of the world!

Can’t wait to share more ideas with you – Linda


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Jessica’s Apron One

When I asked my daughter what she wanted for Christmas, one of the first things on her list was:  “I want you to make me an apron.”  No problem.  I selected a couple of patterns in Billings as her gift, and told her that we would go out shopping so she could select the fabric.  My sister was in Indy for the holidays, so the three of us had a great afternoon.  We ended up picking fabric for two different aprons.  The fabric for Apron Two is so cute – I’m eager to show you my progress for it, too.

It’s now almost Valentine’s Day, and Jess asked that I have her apron ready by then.  I’m posting these photos as validation that I am working on Apron One.  I’m intent on having it in the mail on Monday.  Here are a few pictures of the project in progress:

apron one pattern

Isn’t this pattern sweet?  It gave the inspiration to use coordinating fabrics.  I wish I could have found the chicken and egg fabric.

Here’s the bodice:

apron one bodice

Here’s the skirt and pockets:

apron_skirt apron_skirt_closeup

This is a very simple sewing project.  I don’t know why I’m dragging my feet . . .  An apron would make a good Easter or Mother’s Day gift, too.

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