Refreshing Creamsicle Cake

grannie geek refreshing orange flavored creamsicle cake

Don’t get me wrong, I love chocolate and other rich desserts as much as anyone. But after the holidays, Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day, my tastebuds need to be revitalized. I look for something lighter in a citrus-type dessert. This recipe for Refreshing Creamsicle Cake fits the bill. It’s pretty, too!


Happy Birthday, Jessica!

jessica on phone spring 1983

Spring 1983

On this day In 1982, I gave birth to the first of my two children, Jessica Marie.

She was a much anticipated granddaughter, the first after my brother and his wife had three sons.  This picture was taken in the Spring of 1983, just before her first birthday.  We were living in Canfield, Ohio at the time.  The house we rented had a huge screened in porch, and if I had something to do, I would put Jessica in a playpen, bring my project to the porch, and she and I would play and visit.   By the time this picture was taken, Jessica had already lived in three cities:  Indianapolis, where she was born, Minneapolis, Minnesota, where we moved just after she was six weeks old, and Canfield, which is a small town outside of Youngstown, Ohio.

I made her a birthday cake in the shape of a rabbit, and thought she would be so pleased.  But, Jessica cried and wouldn’t have anything to do with her bunny birthday cake.  I’m not sure why she was so bothered, but it was so funny!  We celebrated her first special day in Ohio, and then went to visit my parents in Indiana for several days.  The first birthday of my first child!  Such a special time, and I couldn’t wait to see her pictures.  But things happen . . .