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Husbandism 2 – Contract Renewal Time

As I wrote in March, our wedding anniversary was March 28.  Guess who forgot?  Yes, none other than my husband, Richard.

richard at blue plate diner in salt lake city

Before we were married and over the years, he and I have joked about our “marital contract” – the one written on the back of our marriage certificate, artfully negotiated the night before our wedding.  The contract joke always came in handy, like when Richard stands in my way while I’m cooking, or when he forgets to turn off his closet light and close the door, or when he’s late to pick me up at the airport.  On those not so rare occasions, I would threaten to review the contract to make substantial and punitive changes.  Of course, he’s never had the opportunity to review those provisions that affect the wife’s parts of the contract, because I’m perfect in every way!



at mimi's table richard in the pryor mountains husbandism

Where he belongs – out of the kitchen and outdoors with a sandwich.


After extensive research, I have come to the conclusion that where ever you are working in the kitchen, your husband will be directly in your path.

Ten percent of the time, it may for some perfectly legitimate reason.  The other 90%, what on earth made him decide to plant himself there? Directly between me and the television, so my line of sight is blocked from the IU/Michigan basketball game.  Or, while I prepare dinner, he plants a blockade between the stove and the sink.  “Scoot, scoot!”


At Mimi's Tablelessons from an older and wiser girl