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Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart!

Happy 15th Anniversary to my wonderful husband, Richard!  Wow!  On this date in 1998, Richard and I were married at my parents home in New Chicago, Indiana.  I couldn’t imagine being married anywhere else, and my mother made our wedding such a special event.  She decorated the far end of her living room to look like a wedding chapel.  The minister who married us was a friend of my dad’s from the U.S. Steel Mill in Gary.  And my Grandma Szewczyk, who was 97 years old, was able to join, along with my sister, Carol who traveled from Pennsylvania, and my daughter, Jessica.  Jessica sang  Mom made us all a special lunch.  She even went to the trouble of making Swedish meatballs – Richard is part Norwegian from a group who settled in North Dakota.  We ordered an “atomic cake” from a small family owned bakery in Lake Station – it was yellow cake layered with fruit and whipped cream – it was a special cake our family ordered for special occasions.

Happy Anniversary, to my sweetheart.  I love you so much!

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