The next words to the chorus of this song written by Taylor R. Dean are, “Lord, I can’t go back there!”  But that’s exactly where we’re headed.  “Back home again in Indiana,” sang Jim Nabors.  After eleven years in Billings, my beloved and I are returning God’s Country, the lovely Midwest.

Not that I have anything bad to say about our stint here in Big Sky Country, but it’s time for a change, and “the times, they are a changin’.”

grannie geek, indiana condo

Richard and I have talked about moving for a few years now.  After the arrival of grandbaby #3, I couldn’t wait any longer.  So at Christmas, my husband suggested that we look at a couple of properties.  We found a condo we liked very much, and a month later, it is ours

Moving may be a few months away.  And I’ll be picking out wall colors and deciding what to take with us.  Even though there’s 12″ of snow on the ground, both here and in Indy, and our overnight low was -20°, I’m already looking forward to someone else maintaining the lawn.

Stay tuned for more Indiana developments!