Let’s take a look at my rooms being remodeled during the first phase.

at mimi's table kitchen remodel part two move contents

We had to move the contents of the living room, dining room, and kitchen into the family room and office. We’re keeping the old fridge in the garage. Don’t worry. It looks much worse now. Emptied the contents of the laundry room, too, that also served as a pantry.

My daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren helped empty contents of the pantry in the kitchen, all the cabinets, china hutches. Yeah, that’s plural. In all, we moved four sets of dishes, and that does not include the three other sets I have in the garage. Good grief. I have a problem.

Then we hired professional movers to move all the furniture and other heavy stuff. I found a fantastic moving company, Colt MovingIf you live in the Indy area or in Lexington, Kentucky (Wildcat Moving), you can’t go wrong. Colt Moving is great to work with. Reasonably priced, friendly, accommodating, and patient. This is a group of extremely motivated entrepreneurs. I highly recommend their services.

Moving along . . .

at mimi's table mimi's kitchen remodel part two kitchen wall

On the other side of that wall on the left is the kitchen getting a facelift.

at mimi's table mimi's kitchen remodel part two kitchen 1

Carpet, walls, tile, fixtures, and appliances are going. Bye, bye pantry. The whole shebang. I’m saving the old kitchen cabinets to repurpose in the laundry room. We were able to do the cabinet wall demo because it was a half-wall and not a support wall. Lucky, lucky, lucky.

at mimi's table mimi's kitchen remodel part two kitchen wall


And Auggie wants to help! She’s staying with Jessica for a couple of weeks until it’s safe to bring her home.





How does it look at the end of Phase 2?

at mimi's table mimi's kitchen remodel part two at the beginning

At The Beginning

Living Room to Kitchen

at mimi's table mimi's kitchen remodel phase 2 c

Kitchen to Living Room

All Tile Removed, Frame for Kitchen Island

I’m exhausted! Stay tuned for Phase 3. The laundry room is stripped and drywalled. My cabinets and flooring arrived today. Cabinet install begins tomorrow! Hooray!!!

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