Pati Jinich

I’m no stranger to Mexican cooking. If you’ve read a few of my Mexican food posts, I frequently mention my ex-mother-in-law who was my introductory mentor.

Over the last 40 years, as Mexican food and cooking became an American obsession, I was increasingly intrigued by all the chiles, spices, foodstuffs, utensils, and techniques. I sought out Mexican/Latino grocers and ingredients. I wanted to broaden my horizon to include a variety of South-of-the-Border dishes and not the usual American restaurant fare.

Because I learned from a real Mexican cook, I knew dishes would be delicious and better going the homemade route using traditional ingredients and techniques.

Enter Pati Jinich. Her show on PBS, Pati’s Mexican Table was nominated for two James Beard awards and two Emmy awards. Pati begins her sixth season in September 2017.

Pati has an interesting story. She was born in Mexico City to Mexican-Jewish parents, and was raised in Mexico City. Not until she was married did Pati and her husband move to Texas.

Pati’s career began as a political policy analyst. Eventually, at the urging of her husband and family, Pati decided to migrate to another career doing what she’s passionate about, Mexican food.

Here’s Pati’s bio on her website.

Why I Love Pati’s Blog

I’ve learned a lot about Mexican ingredients and cooking methods from her blog and television program. Pati has a simple, welcoming style. It’s clear she loves to teach and share what she learns.

Pati’s blog is divided into three sections: Recipes, The Basics, and Ingredients.  If you’re looking to build a well-stocked Mexican pantry, be sure to visit her Ingredients section – everything from spices and chiles to grains, beans, and vegetables. Browse in The Basics section for tips on cooking techniques and utensils. The Recipe section is amazing. Pati has included so many dishes I’ve never imagined to try.

at mimi's table pati's mexican table mole poblano

Mole Poblano Yes You Can!  is her recipe for the dark, richly flavored cooking sauce that coats chicken, tortillas for enchiladas, served with eggs, potatoes, and napoles (cactus). Pati solves the mystery of making a batch of this famous Mexican food staple, and breaks down making it yourself in easy to follow steps, coaching along the way with ingredient pairings, descriptions and why they work.

at mimi's table pati's mexican table chicken pilbil sandwich

Fast Track Chicken Pilbil Sandwich is another of my very favorites. Scrumptious, creamy, crunchy, it’s all those things. The avocado crema is phenomenal.

at mimi's table pati's mexican table pickled red onions

Pickled Red Onions a la Yucateca has become a family favorite not only for the Pilbil Sandwich, but to top tacos. They’re crunchy, not too sweet, not too vinegary – they’re a perfect accompaniment for any sandwich, grilled meat, eggs. These onions are addictive. Learn about bitter orange as the unique ingredient for the pickling liquid.

Here are a few of Pati’s recipes I’m eager to try:

Lime Rubbed Chicken Tacos with Corn Guacamole

Big Brunch Enchiladas

My Favorite Tamal of All Time: Chicken in Green Salsa

Learn more about Pati Jinich and Pati’s Mexican Table here.

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