At Mimi's Table

. . . lessons from an older and wiser girl

Cranberry Orange Cookies

at mimi's table Christmas cookies cranberry orange cookies I've made these cookies for five consecutive Christmas cookie plates. They're a big hit! Cranberry Orange Cookies are so easy to put together. You mix everything in a food processor. These cookies have an interesting mix of dried cranberries, orange zest, allspice, ...

Avocado Salsa

grannie geek, avocado salsa Isn't Avocado Salsa really Guacamole? Well, yes.  A new name for a Mexican snack we know so well.  The base begins the same as with any salsa - finely chopped onions, finely chopped jalapeno pepper, chopped and drained tomatoes, lime juice. What's different about this dish is that you ...

At Mimi's Tablelessons from an older and wiser girl