What’s new At Mimi’s Table?

Simple Chicken Curry with Veggiesat mimi's table simple chicken curry

Simple Chicken Curry – There’s nothing easier, with a palette changing array of spices. This is served with rice or rice noodles, and an array of sauteed vegetables.  Put this in your recipe box for something different, quick, and satisfying.  Read more . . .

Retro Pork Chops, Spanish Rice, Peas & Potatoesat mimi's table retro pork chops, Spanish rice, peas & potatoes

Pork Chops, Spanish Rice with Peas & Potatoes was on of our family favorites, and one of my mother’s no fail go to dinners.  Quick and inexpensive, the rice is a nice twist on traditional Spanish rice.  The rice, peas and potatoes can be prepared on it’s own and served as a side dish.  Read more . . .

Scrumptious Raspberry Cheesecake Barsat mimis table scrumptious raspberry cheesecake bars

I love cheesecakes.  They’re rich.  They’re decadent.  They’re scrumptious!  I know I’ve really had dessert when I’ve plowed through one or two pieces.  YUM!!!

Healthy Thousand Island Dressing & Chef Salad
at mimis table healthy thousand island dressing

This is one of my husband’s favorite dinners/lunches. Any grilled meat will be fabulous. Most likely, we make this salad from leftover grilled steak (I always grill an extra to have on hand for this exact purpose), or if we bring home a dogie bag from our favorite steakhouse. But, you could use grilled chicken or shrimp, too.  

Big & Fluffy Homemade Pancakes

I’ve made these pancakes for over 25 years.  I tried several packaged mixes back in the dark ages, and didn’t think much of any of them.  These homemade pancakes are so simple to put together for a quick weekday or weekend breakfast.  Or how about breakfast for dinner?  Six simple ingredients that are within easy reach in most everyone’s pantry.  They’re light and fluffy, perfect served along side crispy strips of bacon or country sausage links and a fried egg.  That’s the way Richard and I like them.